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Saffron is a spice used throughout the world in so many different cuisines and in signature international dishes. Saffron plays an important role in Persian dishes. Ancient and even modern and civilized Iranians believes so much in saffron magic power.

We started the best way to bring this ‘Queen of the Spices’ to the kitchens all around the world with the same quality and easier access.We supply saffron along with other dry fruits mentioned in our products with best quality and competitive price from prime sources,especially Saffron Origin from Iranian Farms, with high natural colors and excellent aromatic flavor.


We hope you enjoy your experience with the Saffron Origion by buying some of our top quality organic saffron  to flavor your meal or drinks. Let the sunshine of saffron make your day just a little bit tastier and a little bit brighter.


Immediately after you, as a valuable customer, purchased one of our products your order will be processed .As soon as your order received by our inventory department, our inventory staff provide your order in assigned first level packages (ensure the weight and quality) and check it once again to make sure that it fits the order and send it to the shipping department and there it will be shipped as soon as possible.




We can supply Iranian best quality and high purity Saffron,Dried Figs,Barberry (Zereshk) and Dried white Mulbarries 

with Different payment term, Different shipment term,Guaranteed quality and Various packaging  


About Us

We supply Saffron Barberry and other Dried Fruits with best quality and competitive price from prime sources.

What We Do

We supply suffron and dried fruits with best quality

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We assure the quality of our products with our best quality control team