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Saffron is a deep, crimson red with those fresh stronger red tips, ensuring quality and taste.Aroma is always strong and fresh.No saffron debris at the bottom of the container, meaning every leaf was hand-separated with care.No other plants mixed in with the red saffron threads. Its all same color, strong red. Saffron threads are dry, keeping moisture out of the bottle and prolonging life.


Dried Barberry

Our dried barberries have a delicious tart flavor that complements savory and sweet recipes alike. They are most commonly used in Iran to add tanginess to saffron rice and meat dishes. Try organic barberries in oatmeal, granola, or yogurt. We’re sure you’ll love the tanginess and color these little berries impart to your cooking and baking.Store barberries airtight in the freezer to maintain bright red color and freshness. The red color of barberries darkens with age as they oxidize


Dried Figs

Our dried figs have yellow and white color and some of them have brown color. Some dried figs have closed mouth and some have open mouth. Dried figs are eaten as nut. They are also used in many foods such as cake, sweet, compote and syrup. Figs are cholesterol free and high in amino acids, minerals, and sugar. After being picked, they are cleaned and processed and then dried.


Dried White Mulberry

Our Sun-Dried White Mulberries have a sweet and delicate flavor, and are an excellent source of nutrients with no added sugar.Our mulberries are selected at the peak of ripeness, then sun-dried to preserve their nutritional benefits and create a perfect, chewy texture. Beyond their sweet and delicate flavor, mulberries are an excellent source of nutrients including iron, calcium, vitamin C, protein and fiber.




We can supply Iranian best quality and high purity Saffron,Dried Figs,Barberry (Zereshk) and Dried white Mulbarries 

with Different payment term, Different shipment term,Guaranteed quality and Various packaging  


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